InterEdu: your portal to higher education

InterEdu (International Education Information Centre) is a private European organisation which provides individuals from all over the world with the information and counsel necessary in deciding where to study in Europe.
We consult companies, universities and organisations in the overlapping areas of international higher education and e-business
We consult individually with persons who are interested in studying in Europe, and offer detailed information about the prospective study opportunities that they might be interested in.
We provide answers to all inquiries about studying in Europe.

We give students links to other resources that are able to offer information related to their inquiries.

What services does InterEdu offer in detail?

For companies, universities, and organisations:

Please, see our section on InterEdu Consulting.

For individuals:


My.InterEdu.Community is a free service combining two great features:
1.You can customize your own My.InterEdu.Community page to display the information you want. Personalize your daily news headlines, and more services.
2.You become a member of Europe’s first Internet education counselling site and online community. This enables you to participate in discussions on any subjects concerning exchange students in Europe: recommending courses, buying or selling goods, searching for people to travel with, and much more.

University Index

Search all European countries for links to their universities.

University Finder

This is InterEdu’s core service. Enter your desired country, course of study (and any particular specialization), language of instruction, degrees sought and degrees held (if any) and your tuition limits, and you receive a customised list of courses of studies in universities all over Europe. Whether your goal is to find the right exchange programme or to locate the most favourable place to pursue or complete your undergraduate or postgraduate studies, the University Finder will help you do it.

Scholarship Database

As financial aspects are among the most important while studying abroad, we offer a database of some 500 scholarships. Search according to your desired subject, country and level of studies.

City Intros

Find descriptions of major European student cities.

InterEdu Magazine

Read the latest on studying in Europe in our online-magazine, including interesting interviews and essays. To receive the magazine automatically by email you can subscribe to it.

Destination: Europe

Here you will find much concise background information on studying in Europe: history and politics, education systems, scholarships, living conditions, the latest education-related news as well as links to further Web resources.


Explore features on European companies offering jobs for well-qualified university graduates. Enter your personal and educational data into our Job Finder. Explore features on European companies offering jobs for well-qualified university graduates. You approve specifically what data you want InterEdu to show to companies, and we will inform you via email when a company is interested in getting in touch with you.

Individual Advice

This service is targeted towards persons whose background is more detailed, e.g. those who are already employed but wish to pursue their previous education, or who may want to expand on their earlier learning with complementary studies. Personalised research is conducted by InterEdu Counsellors (i.e. real people, unlike the virtual University Finder) who offer universities and programs, as well as any educational and administrative requirements.